The Norwegian Nobel Committee does not publicize its nominees for fifty years after they are nominated. American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW) choose to publicize our nominee in the belief that being a Quaker nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize is itself a validation of the work being done by an individual or organization. We are aware when making our nomination that we are not only encouraging the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to our nominee, but also lifting their work up for recognition as a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, shining light on and hopefully strengthening that work.

Alfred Nobel’s will establishing the Peace Prize specified that the prize should go “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”  Fairly early in its history, the Norwegian Nobel Committee felt clear to award the Peace Prize to organizations as well as to individuals.  More recently, it has extended these criteria to include contribution to the advancement of human rights and environmentalism.

The Nobel Peace Prize Nominating Task Group is primarily guided by the following criteria: 

  1. The candidate’s commitment to nonviolent methods.
  2. The quality of the candidate as a person and of her/his sustained contribution to peace.
  3. The candidate’s work on issues of peace, justice, human dignity, and the integrity of the environment.
  4. The candidate’s possession of a worldview and/or global impact as opposed to a parochial concern.

Additional criteria guiding the considerations of the Nobel Peace Prize Nominating Task Group include the following:

  1. Giving attention to candidates from all parts of the world.
  2. Noting crisis areas and considering candidates related to them only as a Nobel Prize may, by its timeliness and visibility, offer valuable support to a solution to the crisis.
  3. Considering the relevance of a candidate’s work to the work of AFSC or other Quaker experience.

If you wish to submit a candidate to the AFSC Nobel Peace Prize Nominating Task Group, please prepare documentation as to how the candidate meets the criteria above. Please note that the Nobel Peace Prize is not awarded posthumously. The candidate must be living.

Submissions are accepted between February and June 1st each year, allowing time for research, study and discernment before the nomination is submitted to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.